Sunjae Lee

Originally from South Korea, my journey has taken me through Kansas and Ohio before settling in New York. These experiences of having to adapt to new surroundings and new cultures has taught me a lot about different perspectives in life. Because of this unique background, I pride myself on my ability to view things through a different lens – from many angles and points of view. This insight is the key to solving problems efficiently and it drives me to do my best.

Everyone has a story that they want to have heard. I love listening to those unfinished stories of hope, passion or possibly even desperation and helping people find the happy resolution they seek. Whether buying a first home, receiving legal status in the U.S., or turning the page to begin a new chapter – I look forward to hearing your story. Through communication and my experience in solving problems efficiently, we will work together to find the best possible way forward for you.

I have a strong appreciation for the performing arts and music in particular. In elementary school, I learned to play the piano. Later I took up wind instruments, which led me to playing in the military band when I served. In college, I even wrote and recorded some hip hop tracks – I will never forget my first time getting on stage at an underground hip hop club in Korea. The thrill of performing for an enthusiastic crowd who enjoyed what I created was one of the best feelings of my life. I hope to bring this kind of joy to my clients as we work to resolve your case.

Perhaps I will try learning the guitar next. I currently reside in Queens and I hope my neighbors won’t mind.

J.D. University of Toledo, College of Law
B.A. University of Kansas

Associations & Memberships
State Bar of New York
Southern District of New York
Eastern District of New York
American Bar Association
New York State Bar Association
Korean American Lawyers Association of Greater New York
National Asian Pacific American Bar Association



across all the boroughs of New York City
and in Federal Courts in the Eastern and Southern District of New York