Debt Resolution

We are all trying to get by and do our best, but unexpected life issues arise which can quickly lead to money problems that leave you in financial distress.


A divorce can be one of the most stressful and difficult events in a person’s life. The dissolution of a marriage is emotionally and financially draining – we understand.

Real Estate

Real Estate transactions involve so many people. It doesn’t take long for a simple sale to turn into confusion with every person looking out for their own best interests.


You’ve worked hard to acquire what is yours, but problems out of your control can often arise. Whether missed mortgage payments or unfair loan adjustments, things can quickly spiral out of hand!


U.S. Immigration laws are extremely complicated and changing quickly. The support of experienced attorneys who can navigate this puzzle is absolutely necessary.

O-1 Visa

You have dedicated your life to your career and your passion. We want to help you continue achieving at the highest possible level.