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We are passionate about helping our clients find success in their journey.

You have dedicated your life to your career and your passion.

We want to help you continue achieving at the highest possible level. We are passionate about helping our clients find success in their journey and are here to help you navigate the complexities of U.S. immigration laws.

Within U.S. immigration policy, there is a special class of visa for people with extraordinary ability in their field. The O-1 visas can help those in the fields of arts and entertainment, as well as the fields of athletics, science, business, education, and more – but the best chances for this visa call for legal expertise and experience.

That’s where we come in! We will handle the legal side of things, so you can focus on your career and your passion.

We provide our clients with the most comprehensive service while tailoring them to the specific requirements of each case. Our team of attorneys and paralegals is your team: we facilitate the petitioning process and educate our clients so that, together, we develop the most effective strategy that maximizes the chances of approval. With our dedicated customer service and comprehensive legal expertise, we are committed to achieving optimal results for our O-1 clients.

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What we help with –

  • Evaluation of O-1 visa eligibility
  • O-1 visa applications and renewals
  • O-1 visa interview outside of the U.S.
  • Preparation of all required evidentiary materials
  • Request for further evidence (“RFE”)

Who we help – 

  • Creative professionals (artists, designers, architects, photographers, film and television professionals, etc.)
  • Entertainers (musicians, models, actors, etc.)
  • Students
  • Athletes
  • Scientists and academics
  • Business professionals
  • Employers seeking to hire creative professionals

How to get started?

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