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At JCKLAW, we simply believe all clients deserve responsive, quality representation.

The core value of JCKLAW is this: WE ARE WHO YOU ARE. Our team is diverse. Our clients are diverse.

Since 2005, we have been driven with PASSION and PERSPECTIVE in striving to obtain optimal RESULTS for all clients across our diverse practice areas.

Debt Resolution

We are all trying to get by and do our best, but unexpected life issues arise which can quickly lead to money problems that leave you in financial distress.


A divorce can be one of the most stressful and difficult events in a person’s life. The dissolution of a marriage is emotionally and financially draining – we understand.

Real Estate

Real Estate transactions involve so many people. It doesn’t take long for a simple sale to turn into confusion with every person looking out for their own best interests.


You’ve worked hard to acquire what is yours, but problems out of your control can often arise. Whether missed mortgage payments or unfair loan adjustments, things can quickly spiral out of hand!


U.S. Immigration laws are extremely complicated and changing quickly. The support of experienced attorneys who can navigate this puzzle is absolutely necessary.

O-1 Visa

You have dedicated your life to your career and your passion. We want to help you continue achieving at the highest possible level.


I found John Kim to be highly professional. I consulted with him on my financial matter and was hoping that he could do more than what I thought could be done. However, he is straight forward and honest and was very pleased with his advice. You want integrity, not someone who gives you false hope. At least I know what to do thanks to John Kim.

Vivian B.Former Client

John was an amazing attorney. He helped me through all the tough times and he was generous enough to provide me with options so that I didn't have to waste my money. As myself being the person with zero knowledge of laws, he was kind and patient to explain fully so that I would understand my situation. Thanks to John and his professional associate Sunjae, I was able to resolve my problems!! Highly recommended and you will never go wrong with The Law Office of John C Kim!!!

Yuka KFormer Client

John was very helpful during my initial consultation. His advice was so helpful and honest that he provided the solution without even having to take me on as a client.

Joel S.Former Client

When I first met Sunjae, it was clearly evident that he was very knowledgeable, but more importantly, I was assured by his obvious passion for his work, personable demeanor, and his keen interest in my well-being. From our initial meeting to the signing of the divorce papers, I was very satisfied and would recommend his services without reservation.

Sarah L.Former Client

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