The United States offers a number of medical procedures and treatments that may not be available in other countries. For those needing said procedure it is possible to receive a B-2 Visa or a Humanitarian Parole. The purpose of both of these is to grant a person entry into the country for medical reasons, however the two are different. A humanitarian parole can be given to those not eligible for a visa.

Humanitarian paroles are more selective and are supposed to be used as a last resort rather than a way to avoid going through visa procedures. Anyone can apply for parole for themselves or for someone they know, however there are a number of things that are looked into carefully when deciding whether or not parole should be granted:

  • If the case is urgent or will result in significant public benefit
  • If the person in question has a criminal record
  • If the person will be able to pay for the treatment and their stay in the US
  • If parole can be granted within a specific time frame
  • If the person in question is a possible threat to the U.S.
  • The character of the person in question

If you believe that you should apply for parole there are certain things that you must submit:

  • I-131 Form (Application for travel document)
  • 1-134 Form (Affidavit of support)
  • Supporting documentation
    • Explanation of why the person is requesting parole, how long they will need it for, why and how the person could not obtain a visa

If your request is approved then your documents will be issued so that you can enter the country, however if it is denied, you will not be able to appeal unless there are new significant facts that apply to your request.

A humanitarian parole is extremely helpful to those in dire situations and could possibly save the life of the petitioner. It is important to provide the most convincing evidence to insure that your request is approved.


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